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Onderwerp samenvatting - Toon 3 berichten.
Geplaatst door: Neri Geplaatst op: 15.11.13 om 05:33:14
Kati akoma..Mipws ksereis ena<a href="http://znrcjfqt.com"> soityrgma</a> apo Thessaloniki ''Μαριονετες'' legontai vgalan ena maxi single to 1999(an den kanw lathos) me 5 tragoudia..Den tous vriskw pouthena..
Geplaatst door: Chulsoo Geplaatst op: 08.11.13 om 04:00:05
That has to do with  mood' colours.Yellow sahdes are believed to promote communication- crying is a babies way of communicating so in theory yes they do cry more. Yellow is also an energising colour- don't expect too much sleep from a child in a yellow room!Shades of red promote energy- a child in this colour room will be bouncing off the walls!Green is calming, blue is relaxing- these two colours lower blood pressure and encourage quiet sleepy babies. On the down side they also make for rather gloomy depressing rooms!My son sleeps in a BRIGHT yellow room, He is NOISY and wakes at the ***** of dawn. He's a VERY happy child, but sometimes I regret painting it yellow when I would kill for a sleep in or a bit of peace and quiet!
Geplaatst door: Wounnyfub Geplaatst op: 14.08.13 om 16:30:33
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