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Onderwerp samenvatting - Toon 11 berichten.
Geplaatst door: ??????? Geplaatst op: 23.02.20 om 12:56:41
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Geplaatst door: Aaz Geplaatst op: 30.11.15 om 22:18:53
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Geplaatst door: Jhoni Geplaatst op: 28.11.15 om 04:32:19
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Geplaatst door: Indah Geplaatst op: 27.11.15 om 22:07:45
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Geplaatst door: Juntak Geplaatst op: 27.11.15 om 05:32:39
It's ironic how from exieprence that the Tribecca film festival has a tendency of not watching all their submissions and programming the festival based onA.) How much the film cost to makeB.) If the actor is recognizableC.) If the programmer actually watches the film.then based on it fits their snobbish tastesWhereas on YoutubeA.) Films get viewed based on whether real people,not snobs, like themB.) Unlike the Tribecca film festival, everything posted on youtube has an opportunity to be seenI guess they were going for a brand name when they hired you but luckily even through youtube staff is very predictable and biased in what videos they feature if a video/film is good then it will get seen regardless of your very subjective and snobbish taste
Geplaatst door: Serdar Geplaatst op: 27.11.15 om 04:37:56
Thanks Jeanette and Jane! Just got two more spas booked last night, right at the sink. Yay! It works!I am a skin care rebel and YES do TFF right at the sink beofre our facials  in the living room. TFF absorbs into the skin so quickly, that it does not get washed off by the time we get to the facials. I Love it. Have been doing it this way for about 2 years. We always see dramatic results by the time we get into the facial and we sell a lot of TFF! You can see the exact order of my spa on the Simple Spa Outline document in Spa Resources.
Geplaatst door: pratriketep Geplaatst op: 21.11.14 om 23:23:37
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Geplaatst door: Oscar Geplaatst op: 29.06.14 om 07:21:21
Yeah, $10 million is a lot for Sheets. Also cdsoiner that the Yankees wanted to get their rotation wrapped up early and didn't want to get into extended negotiations with a guy whom they didn't even know for sure they would be able to sign. It makes the entire Javier Vazquez situation make a lot more sense. $1.5 million more for a pitcher who you can be reasonably certain is going to give you 200 innings.And if Sheets has a big year, he's a free agent next offseason too.
Geplaatst door: Anjali Geplaatst op: 28.06.14 om 22:43:10
That is so wonderful that somneoe would do something so kind after 3 years.  We received a few things the first year after Nate died but I can't think of anything since that time.  I think that these types of gifts/keepsakes are even more treasured as the years go by because of the fact that everyone else has forgotten and moved on.Sending you hugs sweet mama.Trisha
Geplaatst door: pghjip Geplaatst op: 13.11.13 om 07:34:39
Onderhoud sloep door pghjip.
Geplaatst door: pghjip Geplaatst op: 13.11.13 om 07:33:55

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