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MpHTkcWOUSbvGwKw (Gelezen 2687 maal)
02.05.16 om 10:56:22
Dayana   Gast

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Just getting back to commenting on th2si#8230;sorry&#8&30;I think the important question is: Do you really need the heart rate monitor functions?If not, that will save you a few dollars on it. We have the Garmin 301 (you were with me at the REI Scratch & Dent when I bought it, as I recall) but are missing the HRM strap. Oh well… The Garmin x05 series has upgraded electronics. I would suggest that you look at the Garmin 205 if you don’t need the HRM. Otherwise, go with the 305.We’ve heard some negative reviews about the 405 and how the user interface works.
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